Customizing the tournament

With eSportics you can choose all your tournament features to create a completely customized tournament

torneo varios deportes


You can organize your competition whatever your sport: tennis, paddle tennis, soccer, basketball, football, hockey …

Custom form

What do you know about your players? Besides the basic data, you can collect additional information for your league or tournament using the custom fields in the registration form

Formulario personalizado torneo
Torneo diferentes formatos

Competition Formats

Choose from three types of tournament: League, round robin and knockout

Multiple categories and levels

Add all the categories you need for your tournament: male, female, mixed, junior, veteran… Choose also the level of play, so each player can play where he belongs and your competition will be legendary

Múltiples categorías torneo
varias fases torneo

Multiple phases per tournament

Add as many phases as you need to each category: single game, double elimination, group stage plus elimination, etc

Tournament duration

Choose how long your tournament will be:

  • Week-long
  • Weekend
  • 24 and 12 hours
  • Long or short duration leagues
  • etc
duración torneo